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LED torches & batteries

Tactical torches provide the best help to pros in all situations

The tactical torches are intended for heavy, daily and intensive use. This means they all have construction quality that resists shocks. The light output is high enough for use in (almost) all circumstances. In general, it is easy to switch between the various light settings.

Tactical torch setting 1: Momentary on

Many tactical torches have a ‘momentary on’-setting. That means that by pressing the switch halfway, the lamp lights up. As soon as the switch is released the lamp switches off again. Useful for quick extra light somewhere.

Tactical torch setting 2: Stroboscope

Most tactical (LED)-torches also have a stroboscope setting. That setting is very useful for policemen when arresting suspects, to disorientate them by shining the switched on stroboscope in their eyes. This is particularly effective. Our own Eden Quality TDL20 is special in this category. The only torch in our range that always switches on and off in stroboscope setting, irrespective of the setting the light was switched off in. No more stress because you can't find the stroboscope setting at the crucial moment, that is the number 1 requirement of police and protection officers.

Accessories for tactical lights

In addition to tactical flashlights we also have various accessories specifically made for tactical flashlights. Special holsters, for instance. Specifically designed to make sure you can quickly pull out your flashlight with one hand. Or switches that enable you to control a tactical flashlight remotely. But that is not all, there are also gear retractors which you use to make sure you will always have your flashlight close. After all, with a retractor you don't have to pull it from your bag, pocket or holster.