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LED torches & batteries

Easy and indispensable: the rechargeable torch

Rechargeable torches, where the accumulator can be charged in the lamp, are ideal. The torch is always ready for use, providing it is charged of course. That can make a big difference to users in the police, fire brigade and security. 

The lights in the ‘Rechargeable torches’ category can be charged without having to unscrew them. In many cases the charging stations for the rechargeable torches can be mounted in a fixed place at home or in the car. Many torches in our assortment can be used with rechargeable batteries or accumulators. In most cases that means that the batteries must be removed from the lamp to charge them individually. That works fine too, but is a bit more time consuming.

Lifespan accumulators in rechargeable torches

For many old accumulators it is not very good to charge them endlessly. The often used nickel metalhydrid (NiMh) accumulators are a lot less sensitive to the memory effect. It still is sensible not to permanently charge your rechargeable torch if you use it little. The question also is whether a rechargeable torch is the obvious choice for someone who doesn't use their lamp for months on end. A light with for example CR123 batteries might be a better choice because those batteries preserve their charge for an extremely long time (up to 10 years).

Li-ion accumulators in rechargeable torches

Rechargeable lights with Li-ion accumulators, like the Fenix RC10 can be permanently connected to the charger. The Li-ion batteries we know from our mobile phones are not subject to the memory effect. In practice they therefore are ideal for all users.