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Hunting flashlights: to see, but not to be seen

A good hunting flashlight is indispensable and should be a part of your standard gear when you go hunting. Not only to light up your path, but also to get a good look at your prey. A hunting flashlight should, for instance, be enhanced with a red LED light or use red, green or blue filters. Animals, after all, cannot see red light. This makes a flashlight with red light perfect for hunting purposes. In addition, red light won't disturb your night vision as much as white light. Green light reaches further than red light, but can be noticed by game because of the intensity of the light. The blue light beam is perfect when you are looking for game you shot. After all, traces of blood can easily be spotted with blue light. These are, however, only a couple of features that are key for hunting flashlights. We will tell you more!

The number of lumens for a hunting flashlight

To see clearly when out hunting we recommend you purchase a flashlight that has at least 1000 lumens in the highest mode. The amount of lumen represents the total amount of light that comes from a light. However, the amount of lumen does not say anything about the beam distance of the light. That is why you should also look at the beam distance of the light. Most people select a light with a beam distance of approximately 225 meters. We also think that is the right amount. With 1000 lumens/ 225 meters you will know for sure that you can clearly see the contrast of the shadow of the animal. If you want to be able to choose between a broad beam for up close and a narrow beam for further away you should take a closer look at the flashlights with a focusable beam.

Colour of hunting flashlights 

A flashlight with a striking colour looks, of course, amazing, but cannot be used for hunting purposes. After all, standing out is the last thing you want. That is why you should always choose a flashlight with a camouflage colour. A flashlight with a completely black casing could also work.

Carrying comfort of a hunting flashlight 

When you go out hunting you carry a lot of gear with you. As such you are probably not looking to carry a heavy flashlight as well. In our specifications we always list how much a flashlight weighs. It is completely personal what feels good for you, but we advise you to not select a flashlight that is heavier than 600 grams. Many flashlights are also enhanced with a pocket clip. Very practical! The pocket clip is mounted to the flashlight which you can use to easily attach it to your belt or bag. As such you will always have quick access to your flashlight.

The power of a hunting flashlight 

Incredibly impractical if you have a hunting flashlight that doesn't work the moment you need it. That is why we advise you to carefully look at the burn time of the batteries. The burn time should always be longer than the time you expect to be away from home. Well begun is half done. That is why you should always leave your home with full batteries. If possible add a couple of spare batteries to your gear as well.

Focused beam: purposefully light up your path 

For long-distance lighting. With it you purposefully illuminate any object, to make sure you can see the situation from afar. As such it is also perfect for hunting! Check out all lights with a focused beam.

Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you? We are happy to help you with our flashlight buying guide .