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Flashlights for public safety

For bobbies, soldiers, medical and other safety personnel safety always comes first. They need a reliable flashlight that will never let them down. These flashlights have tactical functions, exceptional light qualities and are solidly constructed. Whether you are looking for a flashlight for your belt as a bobby or a rechargeable flashlight as security guard, we have got you covered.

Tactical flashlights

Tactical lights are made to keep functioning, even in the toughest of circumstances. Think, for instance, of exposure to rain and warmth. In addition, all flashlights are wear and tear resistant and shockproof. In addition, a tactical light has a switch on the back you can use to quickly reach specific modes such as the stroboscope mode. When you switch this mode on you end up with a focused beam with a substantial amount of lumens. The light will flicker rapidly. This is a proven way to temporarily blind attackers. These lights can immediately be used, when every second counts.