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Ledlenser Industrial flashlights: for real professionals

Ledlenser Industrial flashlights are specifically made for professional users. For mechanics and technicians, but also gardeners, contract workers and anyone who asks a lot from their flashlight or head torch during extreme circumstances.

Especially for this group Ledlenser made the lights in the i-collection a little sturdier than the normal Ledlenser flashlights. In addition, they paid extra attention to an, as long as possible, battery life. As a result you never have to stop your work to charge your light.

Charging Ledlenser Industrial flashlights

For this Industrial collection Ledlenser also re-evaluated the charging of the light. For instance, some lights come with a luxurious double charging station that enables you to charge the light and an additional battery at the same time. As a result you can immediately continue your work after switching batteries. At the end of your shift you place the light next to the still charging battery to make sure you can immediately start your next shift with fully-charged batteries.

Incredibly cost-effective for commercial users

Because of the strong construction of the lights Ledlenser has made sure they will last very long. Key, because as a result these lights will indeed last longer and you will get more out of your investment. The focusable beams make these lights incredibly versatile. As a result you will, in most cases, only have to use one light because you can decide if you use it for short or long distances by sliding the head of the light. As a result, you never have to go out with two lights again, because these Ledlenser industrial lights are basically already two lights in one!