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Spring Vulcano pans

The frying pans from the Vulcano-series feature a PFOA-free ceramic non-stick coating that makes burning a thing of the past.

The frying pans can be used on all heat sources. The pan can also be used in the oven up to 250 degrees. The Vulcano Cut Resist frying pan is resistant to scratches and does not wear out. Special about this pan is that on top of the non-stick coating a metal grid has been placed. That makes the layer of even better quality and scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, we always recommend to use kitchen utensils of a soft plastic, silicone or wood.

Unique 5-ply construction

The Spring Brigade Premium-pans are made from a unique 5-ply construction which ensures optimal heat conductivity. The outer layer is made of 18/0 stainless steel. This kind of steel makes the pans suitable for use with induction. The inner layer is made of 18/10 stainless steel. The 18 stands for 18% chrome and the 10 stands for 10% nickel. In terms of composition, this is the best combination because of the durability of chrome and the brightness of nickel. Between the inner and outer layer is a 3-layer aluminum inner core. The layers distribute the heat evenly in the pan, from bottom to top. This will warm your food evenly, also making the pan more efficient and reducing energy usage. On top of the 5-layer construction, another 3-layer non-stick coating is added. This layer ensures that your food can not burn.

Use of the Volcano-pans

For safety reasons, the handle is made of stainless steel. When used properly, the handles of the pan remain cool enough to hold. For this to work, it is necessary to use the pan on a fitting gas burner or cooking area. Another advantage is that the Spring-pans from this series are suitable for use in the oven. Heat up the pan to a maximum of 250 degrees to prevent overheating. You can keep your food easily and tastefully at the right temperature in the oven.

Tips for use

Clean the Spring-frying pan before use with warm water, some dish soap and a soft sponge. After each use, we advise to clean the pan with warm water. You remove burnt-in residue easily with a soft sponge and some grease-dissolving dish soap. Not burnt-in residue can be removed with a paper towel. Concentrated detergents from the dishwasher can affect and damage the non-stick coating. We therefore advice to clean the pan by hand.

Additionally, do not use olive oil. Very tasteful in a salad or pasta, but olive oil is not suitable for baking. At a temperature of 120 degrees or higher, harmful substances are released. Sunflower oil, coconut oil or simply butter are good alternatives.