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Victorinox Swisstool Buying Guide: more about the SwissTool collection

Victorinox: mostly known for its versatile Swiss pocket knives with the classic red handle. But did you know that Victorinox also produces practical top-quality multi-tools? Meet the Victorinox SwissTool collection! The Victorinox SwissTool collection is incredibly diverse and contains many different models. It could be tricky to figure out the difference between each model. We understand! That is why we made a list of all the main similarities and differences. As such you can find the SwissTool that will suit you best.

Victorinox Swisstool versus SwissTool Spirit

The SwissTool collection contains two different models. The SwissTool and the SwissTool Spirit. The main difference between these two models is the design and the size. The standard SwissTool is a little more angular, robust and larger. In addition, the handle is enhanced with a ruler. The Spirit is slimmer and smaller. The design is also more elegant and smoother. For that reason the Spirit is also called the gentleman amongst multi-tools.

Top to bottom: SwissTool Spirit XBS, SwissTool X

Victorinox SwissTool versus SwissTool X

Now you might wonder: what about the SwissTool and the SwissTool X? The SwissTool X is a little more extensive than the SwissTool. The X has an extra pair of scissors and a saw. The SwissTool X is also enhanced with a smooth blade and the Swisstool with a serrated blade with a straight edge. In terms of design and shape they are exactly the same.

From left to right: SwissTool, SwissTool X

Each model an M version

In addition to the two different models each Swisstool multi-tool has an M version. For these versions the design of the multi-tools and its functions are practically identical to the original. The only, small difference can be the way of opening the blade. The blade of the M-versions is namely enhanced with a thumb stud. With it you can easily open the knife with one hand.

Victorinox SwissTool Plus collection

Now that you know the differences between the models it is time to discuss the Plus collection. The SwissTools within the Plus collection are exactly the same as those in the non-Plus collection. The difference can be found in the sheaths and the contents. These have an additional compartment behind the multi-tool that contains a bit-kit, corkscrew, mini screwdriver and a ratchet or wrench. Whether you get a wrench or ratchet differs per model. As such you should take a close look at the product photo's to see if you get everything you are looking for. The advantage of a ratchet is that you can turn back while tightening screws. You don't have to completely turn the tool. With a wrench you do need to do this. A wrench, however, is a little more robust than a ratchet. It is also better to use a wrench if you need to get into tight spaces. At the end of the ratchet and wrench you can place a bit. As such you can benefit from your tool even more. Really clever! The conclusion? It basically comes down to what you prefer. You can't go wrong with either!

Wrench versus ratchet
Filled SwissTool X Plus sheath

Sheaths for the SwissTool

Last but not least: the sheaths. Within the SwissTool collection you can choose from three types of sheaths. It differs per model which sheath is included. The two most common are the nylon and leather sheath. In general a nylon sheath is a little more solid and can handle moisture and heat better. A leather sheath is a lot fancier and in terms of design very appealing. Nothing beats a well-worn leather sheath with patina and traces of use. The third is a plastic belt sheath you can click the SwissTool into. As such you can take hold of your SwissTool even faster than with a normal sheath.

From left to right: plastic sheath, leather sheath, nylon sheath

Does this list not contain your ideal sheath? Don't worry. Click here to find more Victorinox SwissTool sheaths.


In short, there is enough to choose from. Finding the differences between each model might appear to be very difficult at first. However, as you might have already found out, it is not that difficult at all. There are only a few major differences you need to take into account when making your choice such as the blade, sheath and the size.

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