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Böker Oil-Pen Compact 10ml

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SKU: BO09BO752

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If you want to enjoy your pocket knife for a long period of time you need to maintain it properly. With the Böker oil pen you can, thanks to the long dosing tip, maintain the moving parts of your pocket knife with great precision. Because you can work so accurately you won't lose a drop. If you do lose a drop, however, you don't have to worry! This oil is free from silicones and odourless. In addition, the oil is safe for your health and even certified to be used near foods. This means that after maintaining your knife you can easily use it to peel an apple, without ever having to worry that any leftover oil will spoil the food.

For more information: How do you maintain a pocket knife without taking it apart?


Brand Böker
Colour transparent
Country of origin Germany

Böker Oil-Pen Compact 10ml


General information

Brand Böker
Colour transparent
Country of origin Germany
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

Scope of delivery

Delivered as a set no

Features & functions

Product type maintenance oil
Use for hinges, screwers, the blade

Dimensions & weight

Weight 15 grams
Height 7.4 cm
Diameter 2 mm

This product is no longer available

0 review(s)

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