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Skerper Basic sharpening set 180/600/1000/3000 with ceramic sharpening rod, SH004

Skerper Basic sharpening set 180/600/1000/3000 with ceramic sharpening rod, SH004
£ 68.85  £ 58.50
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4 reviews
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The Skerper Basic sharpening set gives you everything you need to start off your career as a master sharpener. The 180/600 stone re-shapes the edge of a dull blade and the 1000/3000 stone is the logical next step to keep your knives razor-sharp.

Using the Skerper sharpening stone

Soak the sharpening stone in water for a few minutes. This creates a layer of water on the stone that helps remove the residue. This ensures you can sharpen quickly and it also increases the lifespan of the stone. Don’t put pressure on the knife and let the stone do the heavy work!

The Skerper Basic ceramic sharpening rod

To maintain the sharpness of your knives daily you can use the Skerper Basic ceramic sharpening rod. It will give your knives that little extra needed sharpness. The ceramic is really fine in grain and structure, and will take only a very small amount of steel from the blade. Just enough to remove burrs and small traces of use. When you notice you’re not cutting through tomatoes as smoothly, use the sharpening rod shortly and your knife will fly through them like never before!

Because the rod is fully made from ceramic it will last a lifetime. As long as you don’t drop it of course!

Are you looking for a rod that will remove more material and makes the edge ‘bite’? Then you need the Skerper Basic sharpening set with the diamond sharpening rod!

Skerper Basic: everything you need for successful sharpening!

The Skerper Basic series offers everything you need for a great sharpening result! Practical sharpening stones with multiple grain sizes or a diamond sharpening rod. The Skerper Basic products are excellent value for money and are suitable for people with a lot of experience in sharpening, as well as beginners.


  • Brand: Skerper
  • Type: sharpening stone
  • Grit according to supplier: 1000, 180, 3000, 600
  • Series: Basic
  • Number: 3 pieces
  • Length: 19 cm
  • Width: 6 cm
  • Height: 2.8 cm
  • Adjustable in length: no
  • Length usable part: 19 cm
  • Width usable part: 6 cm
  • Height usable part: 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 1365 grams
  • Use with water: yes, submerge before using
  • Abrasive: white aluminum oxide
  • cohesive agent: ceramic-bound
  • Colour: blue, orange, yellow
  • delivered as a set: yes
  • Thickness rubber protective strip: 0.9 cm
  • Storage box / etui: no
  • Including: sharpening rod
  • delivered with stand: yes
  • delivered with sharpening guides: no
  • Country of origin: China
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 25 year
Artikelnr.: SVSH004
Skerper Basic sharpening set 180/600/1000/3000 with ceramic sharpening rod, SH004
in stock  
£ 68.85  £ 58.50
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Reviews     (9.3)   Average score from 4 review(s)
Naam: Michael B, Lincoln
Datum: 04 April 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
Bought this for two reasons -
- the ceramic rod to look after my kitchen knives - and it's excellent
- the water stones to look after my Moras & EDCs - my first attempt at sharpening was pretty good so with a bit more practice I expect these stones to give excellent results too

Naam: Anoniem, Eastbourne
Datum: 29 March 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
As a newcomer to self sharpening I was looking for a reasonably priced set and this met my needs. I started using it on my older knives to get experience before risking my more expensive ones and so far have managed to bring them up to a new level of sharpness not seen even when new. I was a little surprised to find the ceramic rod oval in shape and so far have barely tried it. I did notice the knife I tried it on left a black mark on it that I haven't been able to remove completely
Naam: Herman, Tilburg
Datum: 31 August 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations

Naam: DK, Brummen
Datum: 19 August 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations