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Batteries, essential fuel for your flashlight

Batteries are the energy suppliers of, for instance, flashlights. Fortunately the range of batteries for flashlights has changed over the years. Where initially you could only choose AA, AAA, C-cell or D-cell batteries, you can now choose the right energy source for the right purpose.

We also clearly see a trend where people first start looking for the right the type of battery before they start looking at the right flashlight. Want to learn more about choosing the right type of battery, we will tell you more about it here.

Charging batteries

Alkaline batteries are great as non-rechargeable batteries. They work well, in very low temperatures, can store a lot and last a long time. So perfect for occasional use. Many new lights are enhanced with rechargeable 18650 batteries. These are very practical in terms of use, work extremely well and can be used intensively. For these you can also separately purchase 18650 battery chargers.

When you don’t use a battery for a longer period of time remove them from the device. This prevents the battery from leaking, which could, for instance, really damage the insides of your flashlight.