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de Buyer Choc 5 pans: designed for intensive, professional use

The de Buyer Choc 5 pans are, because of their non-stick coating, perfect when preparing meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and pancakes. And all that without using any butter or oil. The incredibly thick aluminium evenly distributes the heat over the bottom and sides of the pan. The extra strong, epoxy coated stainless steel handle is secured with very robust rivets.  Please be careful with metal cooking utensils because they can damage the non-stick coating. As such you should always use a spatula made from wood or plastic. 

Please note: These pans cannot be used on induction hobs.

de Buyer Choc Intense vs. Choc 5

Even though the name suggests that these pans are almost the same, they are different. In terms of design, material and use. The Choc Intense is comprised of an aluminium pan with a black coating and a handle made from stainless steel. The Choc 5 is comprised of an aluminium pan with a silver coating and an epoxy coated stainless steel handle. In addition, the Choc Intense can be used on induction hobs, and the Choc 5 cannot. The main similarities are that the pans from both collections are enhanced with a non-stick coating and that they are amazing to use. So: are you looking for the looks of a de Buyer pan, but not the work it comes with? Go with a pan from the Choc 5 or Choc Intense collection.