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de Buyer Prima Matera: cooking with copper pans

the Buyer Prima Matera pans are copper pans that have amazing qualities and look really classy. Copper can conduct heat like no other and will spread it evenly. Controlling temperature is quite easy in a Prima Matera pan. 

That’s why they are convenient to make sauces in, or melt chocolate. It’s not without reason professional chef’s and hobby cooks have been using these pans for decades. The inside of the copper pans is made out of stainless steel, which makes them much easier to clean. The ergonomically sound handles are also stainless. The pans can be used on any heat source including induction, which make them suited for any type of kitchen!

Copper pan maintenance

To keep a Prima Matera pan in great shape it does take a little maintenance. You have to polish the outside of the pan regularly with copper polish. HThis way you will keep the beautiful copper colour. After use, clean the pan with water and a mild detergent. When there is still food sticking to the bottom surface, fill the pan with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid and leave it out for a few hours. Afterwards, clean the pan with a scouring pad. To prevent rust we strongly advise against using the dishwasher!

History of de Buyer

The French company de Buyer has been making high quality cookware since 1830. All products are made in France, which means the original European quality is still guaranteed. De Buyer pans are the highest quality in French cuisine. In addition to making exceptionally good pans for professional kitchens, de Buyer also makes great mandolins!