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Saute pans: to bake, fry and stew

A saute pan is a frying pan with a flat base. The pan also looks like a frying pan but with a high, straight edge. You use this type of pan to sear your meat, fish or vegetables. But that is not all. You can fry an egg or bake pancakes or potatoes. 

And what about heating left-overs? When you want to use your pan to prepare other dishes you can purchase an additional lid. This lid enables you to not only fry and bake, but also to stew or simmer. To make, for instance, one-pot meals such as paella. But there is more! If you decide to go with a pan with ovenproof handles, you can also easily use it in the oven. You name it, practically anything is possible with a saute pan.

Saute pans come in different sizes and can be used on various cooking hobs. Trust us! There will always be one that will suit your needs.