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Spotlight: GiantMouse Ace Biblio review

The GiantMouse Ace Biblio is one of the newest knives introduced by GiantMouse Knives. The Ace Biblio is a compact and stunningly designed knife made from top-quality materials. But what makes the Ace Biblio so special? In the ‘Spotlight’ features we find out more! How did the knife come to be? How is the finish? How good are the materials used? And, most importantly, how does this knife function? We have got the answer! After all, the GiantMouse Ace Biblio isn’t just any pocket knife…

The establishment of GiantMouse Knives

GiantMouse is a knife company established by Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø, two famous Danish knife makers. During a knife show in 2015 they decided to join forces with Jim Wirth, an American entrepreneur and knife collector. The goal of this cooperation? A knife company with unique knife designs and an, as high as possible, level of quality, all for a fair price.

Both Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes make top-quality handmade knives and have a lot of fans who would love to own one of their designs. However, because the knives made by these Danish knife makers are rather expensive not everyone can own one of them. This is one of the reasons why GiantMouse was established. After all, with GiantMouse Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes are able to reach a lot more people considering the fact that the price of a production knife is significantly lower. These knives are produced in Maniago Italy, and are made from top-quality materials.

The GiantMouse Ace knives

The first GiantMouse production knife, the GMP1, was well received in the knife world. The characteristic design elements introduced by Ansø and Voxnaes, and the use of premium materials turned out to be the perfect combination according to many knife enthusiasts.  After this incredibly successful start more production knives were introduced. Like the GM1 these were all made as limited editions with 300 pieces of the basic model, and 100 of a special version.

With such a limited amount of knives, however, it became really difficult to get your hands on a GiantMouse knife. In addition, the prices were still rather high, something that made many hesitate. For that reason GiantMouse introduced the Ace-collection: affordable knives with the same quality, the characteristic Ansø and Voxnaes designs, but not as limited editions.

GiantMouse Ace Biblio

GiantMouse Ace Biblio

The first knife in the Ace-collection was the Biblio. Anyone paying close attention will immediately notice that this is the smaller version of the famous GM1. A beautiful concept considering the fact that the GM1 was the first GiantMouse knife and the smaller Biblio is now the first knife in the Ace-collection. For many people the GM1 was a little too big. Ansø and Voxnaes definitely listened to the customers when they started producing the Biblio. The entire length when opened is 17.2 cm, 3 cm smaller than the GM1. On paper that doesn’t look like much. However, when you hold it in hand it will be like night and day.

The blade on the Ace Biblio is, without a doubt, very impressive. The Ace-collection might be cheaper, but it isn’t something you notice when you look at the finish and the use of materials. With the Biblio GiantMouse is definitely not settling for less.  The steel for the blade is, after all, made from Böhler M390 steel.  A premium stainless type of steel from Austria that is often only used for high-end and very valuable knives. Within this price range it is remarkable that GiantMouse was able to do this! The finish of the sheepsfoot-shaped blade also surprises us. The spine of the blade is nicely curved and enhanced with a polished finish. The finger groove in the blade has the same finish and curved details. This gives the Biblio an exclusive look and feel and makes it, in terms of functionality, very practical. After all, there are no sharp edges where there shouldn’t be any. It is worth noting that on top of the blade, in the middle, the blade has been enhanced with ridges. These ridges are also called ‘jimping’, and make sure that your thumb can rest on the blade without slipping. This small but clever function improves the functionality of the Biblio. The blade has even been enhanced with a satin finish and has a really thin grind. This, in combination with the sharp Böhler M390 steel edge ensures that the knife has a lot of cutting capacity, and turns the knife into a phenomenal knife for everyday use.

The handle of the Ace Biblio is also a work of art. After all, the handle has been enhanced with so many stunning details it is difficult to decide where to start. The most striking part of the handle is the black G10 handle, a rock-solid material perfect for an EDC knife. The handle feels great in hand and is very ergonomic. The flowing, organic lines of the design definitely help with this. The G10 has been sandblasted to make sure the handle has even more grip. This also leaves a nice wood-like pattern in the G10 that makes the handle even more special. The handle rests on AISI 420 steel liners. In between the handle you can find hourglass-shaped standoffs that keep the knife together. The wire-clip is easy to use and perfect for both left-handed and right-handed use as you can easily convert it. This elegant wire-clip stays in place thanks to a wide screw. All screws, liners, standoffs and the wire clip are sandblasted for a nice finish. Similar to the G10 handle. As a result the whole looks incredibly fancy!

An interesting detail is that the GiantMouse logo only appears to be featured on the blade just once. This, however, is not the case. The GiantMouse logo, the ‘made in Italy’ and the last names of Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø are engraved on the inside of the handle. A remarkable details that keeps the rest of the knife free from text.

Last but not least: how does the Ace Biblio function? We can, without a doubt, state that the Biblio is amazing.  With the flipper mechanism the knife will shoot from the handle. However, with the thumb hole the knife can also easily be opened. Both options are incredibly comfortable and easy because of the ball bearings in the handle. When opened the knife is locked with a solid liner lock. The liner lock has exactly the right amount of spring force which makes the detent, the force with which the lock secures the blade in the handle, perfect.

GiantMouse Ace Biblio: one of the best knives introduced in 2018

It is clear why the Biblio is a remarkable knife. With world famous knife makers such as Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes it is not that surprising. The unique design and the amazing quality of the knife make the Biblio one of the best knives of 2018. We are therefore proud that we were able to add the GiantMouse knives to our range. Because of knives such as the Ace Biblio we cannot wait to see what GiantMouse will introduce next. In the meantime you can check out the GiantMouse Knives Nimbus and GMF2.