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Binoculars & scopes

Binoculars with a rangefinder and angle correction: for an accurate shot

A scope is a tool consisting of a piece of optics with image-magnifying properties. With a scope it is easier to visualize a target that is located far away. That is why a scope is often used for hunting and or shooting purposes. The distance to a target is often too large to get a good view. By enlarging the image of the shooter, it is possible to position the shot more precisely. It is, however, more difficult to determine the range with a scope. For it you will need a rangefinder. Too much fuss? Why not select a pair of binoculars with a rangefinder, such as those from Kahles or Swarovski. And these binoculars are also enhanced with an angle correction for even more precise shot.

Binoculars with a rangefinder

A rangefinder will determine the exact distance to the target within mere seconds. You control the rangefinder with a nice integrated button on the bridge of the binoculars. By pressing this button you can easily read the range in the lens of the binoculars. In addition to it being useful for hunting, binoculars with a rangefinder can also come in handy during golf or a hike.

Binoculars with goniometer/ angle correction

In addition to the incredibly fast range measurement the EAC function will accurately determine the angle-compensated distance that needs to be covered. This is key to obtain more accurate targets for oblique shots, for instance when a target is located up or downhill. Both numbers can be displayed in one image. This function allows you to better calculate your shot at the appropriate distance.