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Binoculars & Scopes

Compact binoculars: light-weight and easy to take with you

Small binoculars are easy to manage, light-weight and strong. Easy to take with you on a journey or to have with you as a second pair. Some models will even fit inside your pocket! The quality of the smaller models has improved over the last years. The size of a pair no longer determines the sharpness, stability and clarity of an image. The 8x25 mm up to 8x32 mm binoculars prove just that. These manageable binoculars give you an amazing view of all the stunning sights you might come across.  

10x25 and 8x25 binoculars

A pair with a 25 mm front lens can easily be put inside a backpack or even purse. Even as a back-up pair in your car these types of binoculars are perfect. Because of the small front lens not only the size and weight are limited, the exposure to light is also slightly less. The clarity of your image also reduces a little faster when you are using a pair with a larger front lens. During a long walk or hike this, however, doesn’t weigh up to the advantages of the weight and compact size.

8x32 binoculars

A pair of binoculars with a 32 mm front lens is the perfect compromise between the reduced exposure to light of 25 mm binoculars and the larger 42 mm binoculars. You maintain the compact size of 25 mm binoculars, but will, in terms of image quality and clarity, almost be dealing with 42 mm binoculars. As a result a pair of binoculars with a 32 mm front lens is the perfect companion during walks, hikes or day trips. A fully-fledged pair, but a little more manageable. 

Eden monocular

When you don’t have much room to spare a monocular is the perfect solution. The Eden monocular is perfect when you want to benefit from superior quality, with a compact size. Because you only have one lens and one ocular you save a lot of weight.  And yet, when you have a 42 mm front lens you will have a better view at twilight than with a compact 32 mm or 25 mm pair. These small pairs are mostly used in nature, but are, because of the smaller size and limited weight also perfect to take with you on the road.