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Leica Noctivid binoculars: phenomenal images

The Leica NOCTIVID bins are compact and elegant, but also incredibly robust and sustainable. That makes these bins perfect for everyday use. The NOCTIVID is a combination of the best imaginable technologies and newest innovations. For instance, Leica has enhanced the twelve lenses in the binoculars with a top-quality coating that resulted in an incredibly high light transmission of at least 92%. The results are jaw-dropping! The AquaDura-Coating protects the lens from scratches and wear and tear. With the NOCTIVID Leica once again demonstrates that they are a part of the absolute top.

The Leica NOCTIVID: champion of light

The name NOCTIVID comes from the word noctua, a type of owl that is active during the day. The name is a metaphorical reference to the extremely innovative baffle/diaphragm system. This system minimizes scattered light and ensures a maximal contrast value. Especially in areas with a lot of sunlight this unique system offers a lot of added value.

Leica binoculars: the cream of the crop

Leica is the name that makes the heart of optic lovers beat a little faster. Ever since the start of the company in 1869 Leica has been making a lot of top-quality optic equipment. The Leica bins are, perfectly justified, popular all over the world.