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The best marine binoculars

Of course all binoculars can be used during water sports. But some binoculars were specifically developed for use on the water and provide a much better viewing experience. For starters, binoculars for water sports must be fully water tight.

All the nitrogen based binoculars are water tight. This also ensures there is no condensation formation on the inside of the binoculars. Well coated lenses will possibly ensure that water drops 'run off' the glass quickly. It is also nice if the water sports binoculars are coated in material you also have a good grip on with wet hands.

The enlargement factor for marine binoculars

The enlargement factor of suitable binoculars for water sports is around 7 – 8 x. Much greater does not make sense because the movements of the binoculars are strengthened too. That provides an unstable image. And the motion of a boat on the water makes it extra difficult to keep binoculars steady. For binoculars used on the water a short distance for focusing is not very important. The binoculars will mainly be used to scout the horizon. Not to look for a butterfly at 1.5 m.

Other matters for Marine binoculars

In water sports the use of so-called fixed focus binoculars is not unusual. These are binoculars without sharp focus with a sharp field from approx. 15 metres to infinite. That ensures that after focusing once you never have to adjust your binoculars again. The lack of main focus makes it easier and therefore cheaper to make binoculars water tight. You can also have a look at the Accessories. A belt with high floating potential can be useful to ensure your binoculars don't sink when they fall into the water.