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Professional head torches: powerful and reliable

As a professional it is always a good idea to keep both hands free. A head torch is the perfect solution if you still need a source of light close. As a professional, however, your head torch needs to adhere to certain things. It needs to be robust, easy to use and not too heavy. A head torch with a broad beam will be the perfect choice in these situations. As such you light up whatever you need to see without blinding yourself. These industrial lights are perfect for electricians, mechanics, installers and on the construction site.


  • Torches & batteries
  • 14


  • Fenix5
  • Led Lenser3
  • Nitecore1
  • Petzl5


Suited for

  • Professional use14
  • Camping35
  • EDC (Everyday Carry)28
  • Running25
  • Survival / Bushcraft16

Minimum light output

Maximum light output

Beam distance

Type of light beam

  • Wide beam14
  • Combined beam6
  • Focused beam5
  • Narrow beam/ Convergent1

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