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Head torches for emergency services: safety first

For various emergency services like the fire department, ambulance services and other safety personnel, reliability is key.  You need to be able to act in many different situations. At these moments your head torch needs to be robust, ready to be used and never let you down. Because you never know what situation you will face it also needs to be heat proof. Place the head torch or your head or secure it on your helmet. As such you will always have both hands free, ready to help out whenever necessary.

Various beams: targeted illumination

Focused beams were specifically designed for long-range illumination. With it you can purposefully light up your path to make sure you can clearly see what is going on. Perfect for search ops. With a broad beam you can easily light up large areas at a short distance. Think of situations where you need to dig through the rubble.

Head torches for the fire department and rescue team

The fire department and rescue teams often find themselves in explosive zones. For these situations you can use ATEX head torches. These lights need to adhere to the highest standards. There are different lights for all zones. Want to check out all ATEX lights? Discover them here.

If you need to look through the rubble you need two hands. A compact head torch that can handle its own is the perfect solution. These head torches have an easily adjustable light beam: low power for up close, but also enough power to find your target in the distance.

​Head torch in extreme temperatures

When you often find yourself in extreme temperatures it is best to select a flashlight that works with CR123A batteries. These batteries were specifically developed to handle these types of circumstances. Even at temperatures of -20 to 75 degrees Celsius the CR123A batteries function perfectly. They also won't leak which is a great plus for an expensive head torch. If you don't use the head torch for a while: remove the batteries or loosen the back of the light. Even if you don't use the light, it still draws power from the battery. By officially breaking the connection you know the head torch can quickly be used again.

Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you?  We are happy to help you with our head torch buying guide.