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Which flashlights are out there?

There are many different types and sizes of flashlights, each with their own purpose. From lights so small you can attach them to a keychain to incredibly powerful lights that light up an entire forest. But we also sell bicycle lights, head torches and diving lights.

Because there is so much to choose from we made a practical overview of the most occurring flashlights and their purpose.


The most famous light is probably the flashlight. The size of a flashlight varies from very small, to make sure it fits inside your pocket, to a massive light for safety agencies. When selecting the right flashlight it is important to think about what you will use the light for. There are, for instance, flashlights for in and around the house, for outdoor athletes, safety agencies, electricians etc. As soon as you know your purpose our practical flashlight selection guide will help you make the right choice.

35 review(s)
Fenix PD35 TAC Cree XP-L (V5) LED torch LED: Cree XP-L (V5) Max. light output: 1000 lumens Length: 137 mm
£ 62,95 £ 69,95

In stock

Best Seller
27 review(s)
Maglite MagCharger LED, rechargeable LED-torch LED: unknown Maximum light output: 643 lumens Length: 32,8 cm
£ 109,00 £ 207,60

Not available

117 review(s)
Fenix UC30 LED-flashlight Led: Cree XP-L Hi V3 Maximum light output: 1000 lumens Length: 12,8 cm
£ 55,95 £ 61,95

± 3 days

Keychain flashlight

Sometimes a flashlight is so small it is about the same size as a key. In that case we call it a keychain flashlight. These lights can literally be hung from your bunch of keys. The main advantage of these lights is that you will always have them close. This, however, doesn't change the fact that these lights are still incredibly powerful despite their size. They won't be able to light up an entire forest, but simply to light up an object in your shed or during a power outage they are incredibly useful.


144 review(s)
Fenix E05 LED flashlight XP-E2 LED LED: Cree XP-E2 Maximum light output: 85 lumens Length: 6.6 cm
£ 20,50 £ 22,95

± 3 days

3 review(s)
NiteCore TIP, rechargeable keychain torch, black Led: Cree XP-G2 S3 Maximum light output: 360 lumens Length: 6,0 cm
£ 26,50 £ 32,70

± 1 month

Best Seller
2 review(s)
Fenix E18R rechargeable LED-flashlight Led: Cree XP-L HI Maximum light-output: 750 lumens Length: 6 cm
£ 64,95

In stock

Camping light

Do you love to go camping? If so a good camping light is indispensable. A camping light provides a pleasant diffused light you can use to properly light up your tent. These lights are characterized by the different ways of attachment. In addition to simply putting it down you can often hang a camping light from a hook or they are enhanced with a strong magnet or tripod adapter. So is twilight setting in at the campsite? Turn on your camping light.

5 review(s)
Nitecore LA10 LED-camping light LED: Cree XP-G2 S3 Maximum light output: 135 lumen Length:7,9 cm
£ 24,55

In stock

2 review(s)
Fenix CL20R rechargeable camping light, orange Maximum light output: 300 lumens; Length: 7.2 cm Weight: 91 grams
£ 39,95

In stock

8 review(s)
Fenix CL30R camping torch LED - black Maximum light output: 650 lumens Length: 14,0 cm
£ 98,95 £ 109,95

In stock

Bicycle light 

Modern bicycle lights look like small flashlights that can be attached to handlebars. Bicycle lights are small and often (splash) waterproof. Practical when you find yourself in a rain shower. Bicycle lights can quickly be mounted to handlebars but also easily be removed to make theft impossible. And because safety is key all the bicycle lights we sell come with a great light beam. Our bicycle lights cannot be compared to the old-fashioned bicycle lights.


12 review(s)
Fenix BC30R Bike light LED: Cree XM-L T6 Maximum light output: 1600 lumens Dual Distance Beam
£ 116,95

In stock

3 review(s)
Led Lenser B2R rechargeable bike light, back light LED: not known Maximum light output: 30 lumen Length:3,2 cm
£ 16,95 £ 21,15

In stock

12 review(s)
Fenix BC21R Bicycle light LED: Cree XM-L2 T6 Maximum light output: 880 lumens Bicycle light with Dual Beam Distance System
£ 67,95

In stock

Diving light

A diving light is a important part of the gear of a diver. In terms of design a diving light is similar to a flashlight. The most important difference, however, is that diving lights are waterproof. The diving lights from our range are all waterproof up to, at least, a depth that can be reached by divers. In addition to being waterproof the colour of the light and the light output are key. You are, after all, underwater to see things. A diving light can also be used as a means of communication underwater. The light, however, needs to be visible for your fellow divers. With a good diving light this is possible.

2 review(s)
Fenix SD11 Diving LED Torch LED: Cree XM-L2 U2 Maximum light output: 1000 lumens Length: 14 cm
£ 81,95 £ 90,95

In stock

1 review(s)
Fenix SD20 Diving Light Fenix SD20 Diving Light
£ 99,95

In stock

2 review(s)
Led Lenser D14.2 Diving light LED: High End Power LED Maximum light output: 400 lumen Length: 16,1 cm
£ 61,95 £ 76,20

In stock

Head torch

A head torch is a compact light you wear on your head with the help of an elastic strap. The main advantage is that you will always have your hands free. This is great when running, hiking, reading a book in your tent, working in and around the house or during other outdoor activities. So are you planning to go on an adventure? Bring a head torch!

35 review(s)
Fenix HL60R rechargeable LED head torch Led: XM-L2 T6 Maximum light output: 950 lumens Weight: 87 gram
£ 67,95 £ 74,95

In stock

79 review(s)
Led Lenser H14R. 2 rechargeable head lamp LED: Xtrem Power LED Light output: 1000lumen Length: 8.0 cm
£ 105,00 £ 139,00

In stock

Best Seller
14 review(s)
Nitecore HC30 head torch LED: XM-L2 U2 Maximum light output: 1000 lumen Length: 9,8 cm
£ 50,00 £ 50,80

± 1 month

Power bank flashlight

A power bank is already an incredibly practical device in itself. However, a power bank with a flashlight function is a really cool gadget. You will not always have a fully charged battery with you, but also a light.

1 review(s)
WakaWaka Power+ Solar Light and Power bank 3000mAh black, 24-016 Maximum light output: 70 lumens Length: 12.1 cm Capacity: 3000 mAh
£ 60,95

In stock

0 review(s)
BioLite BaseLantern light and power bank Multi-functional light with Bluetooth and built-in battery
£ 109,00

± 2 months

0 review(s)
Powertraveller Sport 25 power bank and flashlight, PTL-SPT001 6700 mAh power bank to charge tablets, smartphones, go-pro cameras and other 5V devices
£ 49,95

In stock

Of course we also sell a lot of other different lights.

Overview of all lights

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