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Naniwa Gouken sharpening stone, grain 3000

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The Naniwa Gouken sharpening stone, grain 3000 is enhanced with a flat, convex and hollow side! As such this stone is great when sharpening both blades of branch loppers, pruning or garden shears. The Naniwa Gouken sharpening stones can, however, also be used on every pair of scissors, knife, machete, gouge etc. with a bent, curved or straight edge.

Did your garden shears lose its sharpness? If so this grain 3000 sharpening stone will be the right choice. This sharpening stone will leave you with razor-sharp results. This sharpening stone is also great to maintain the sharpness of your shears.

Is the edge of your shears damaged? If so it is best to opt for the coarse Naniwa Gouken grain 220. This sharpening stone will quickly remove all imperfections from the edge. Looking for a slightly less fine sharpening stone? The perfect happy medium will be the Naniwa Gouken grain 1000.


Submerge the stone a couple of minutes before use. As you use the stone it is wise to make sure it stays wet. Place the sharpening stone against the entire sharpened side of the blade. As such you don't only sharpen the end of the edge! Move the sharpening stone up and down alongside the edge until you have sharpened it completely.


Brand Naniwa
Colour green
Country of origin Japan

Naniwa Gouken sharpening stone, grain 3000


General information

Brand Naniwa
Colour green
Country of origin Japan
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

Features & functions

Grit according to supplier 3000
Type sharpening stone
Use with water yes, submerge before using
Grit size Fine (1000-3000)


Abrasive aluminum oxide

Scope of delivery

Number of stones included 1

Dimensions & weight

Weight 150 grams
Length 13.6 cm
Height 2.8 cm
Width 2 cm
Height usable part 2.8 cm
Length usable part 13.6 cm
Width usable part 2 cm
£ 22,00

In stock

Ordered today, shipped tomorrow

0 review(s)

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