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Naniwa sharpening stones: when only the best is good enough

Naniwa sharpening stones are the best of the best. Japan's age-old sharpening traditions combined with Naniwa's 80 years of experience guarantee unparalleled quality. Naniwa performs constant quality checks to ensure only the best products are sold. It's this high quality that makes these sharpening stones so popular among those who love to sharpen their own knives.

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Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges

Reasons to choose Naniwa

Naniwa sharpening stones are made from top-quality aluminium oxide or diamond. With different series to choose from, there's a suitable sharpening option for everyone who loves to give their knives a razor-sharp edge. Moreover, with many accessories to supplement your sharpening tools, you can make your sharpening process as easy and as pleasant as you wish.

Naniwa sharpening products are made for those who crave that perfect edge.

We currently have these Naniwa series in our range: the Basic Stones, Advance Stones, Chocera Pro Stones and the Diamond Pro Stones. Sorted by that same order, suitable for beginners and professionals. Then there are the Naniwa Pocket Pro sharpening stones, these are the same as the Chocera Pro but a size smaller.

Naniwa series

Naniwa Basic sharpening stones

Naniwa Basic sharpening stones are dual-sided sharpening stones. This is great, as you basically get two stones in one! This collection of sharpening stones is perfect for beginners who are looking to use multiple grain sizes without having to spend too much money. First submerge them in water, after a few minutes they'll be ready to go! The Basic series is the successor to the Multi series and the Combination series.

Naniwa Advance sharpening stones

For people with a bit more experience, there's the Naniwa Advance series! These thin Japanese sharpening stones will help you achieve a razor-sharp edge. The Naniwa Advance Stones offer great value for money and are available from 220 grit to the extremely fine 12000 grit. The Naniwa Advance series is the successor to the Naniwa Super Stone series and the Specialty Stones series.

Naniwa Chocera Pro sharpening stones

The Naniwa Chocera Pro series is one of Naniwa's collection catered to professionals. These sharpening stones are made from bound magnesium, and as a result they barely wear out. If used correctly, they will last for years. The stones barely absorb any water. Just keep the stone wet, and you can get started.The Naniwa Chocera Pro series is the successor to the famous Professional and Chosera series.

Naniwa Diamond Pro sharpening stones

With the Naniwa Diamond Pro sharpening stones you'll sharpen even the toughest steel types. The Naniwa Diamond Stones consist of an aluminium block covered in a one-millimetre layer of diamond particles and synthetic resin. In other words, these sharpening stones are resin-bound diamond sharpening stones. Minimal wear and tear, ultimate results. These sharpening stones used to be called Naniwa Diamond.

Naniwa sharpening accessories and product types

Naniwa also offers practical sharpening accessories. These accessories will help you before, during and after sharpening so you can get the most out of your stones and your knives.

Naniwa Dressing Stone

The Naniwa Dressing Stone will help you clean all types of sharpening stones. It generates a small mud-like layer, called slurry. This slurry can be hard to create with a fine grit size. The Dressing Stone can increase the effect of your sharpening stones very quickly. Make sure to wet the Naniwa Dressing Stone before use.

Naniwa strop

The Naniwa Leather strop is made of calfskin. Stropping is the final step in the sharpening process. Use it after you're done sharpening on your finest Naniwa sharpening stone. The strop will give you the ultimate sharpness!

Naniwa flattening stones

The Naniwa flattening stones are used to level the surface of a sharpening stone. After prolonged use, a sharpening stone will become slightly hollow. This is completely normal! Simply use a flattening stone to get the sharpening stone back into shape. A flat surface is essential to maintain the correct sharpening angle.

Naniwa sharpening stone holders

The Naniwa Sink Bridge and sharpening stone holder give you a solid base when you're sharpening. It ensures the sharpening stones are fixed in place, and it also raises the stones a little to give you a more pleasant way of working.

History of Naniwa

Naniwa was founded in 1941 in Osaka, Japan. As a result, this brand has a long and rich history in the field of sharpening products. Naniwa's owner aspired to revolutionize the world of sharpening. With over 80 years of experience, dedication and innovation, Naniwa has grown into a leading manufacturer of sharpening stones, diamond tools and sandblasting systems for both industrial use and home use.

It's Naniwa's mission to provide state-of-the-art sharpening products to the public. Naniwa prides itself on its commitment to continuous self-improvement, providing the best advice and sophisticated, user-friendly products to professionals and home users alike. Naniwa's corporate policy revolves around maintaining unwavering levels of product quality and service. This has made it one of the leading brands for sharpening products. And not just in Japan, but all over the world!

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