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Naniwa sharpening stones: only the best

Naniwa Logo

Naniwa water stones are absolute world leaders when it comes to sharpening. They are manufactured and checked at a constant level in Japan. Because they are produced in the country of the unsurpassed knife and sharpening experts, the Naniwa water stones are exceptionally popular amongst sharpening enthusiasts. 

At the moment we sell five different Naniwa collections. The Super-, Professional- and Diamond collection can be qualified as such: good, better, best. In addition, we sell the Multi Stones: double sided sharpening stones with a different grain size on each side. And finally, there are the round Chosera stones which you can use to sharpen long knives.

Naniwa Multi Stones

Naniwa Multi stones are relatively soft. For that reason you first submerge them in water. After a couple of minutes they have absorbed enough water and are ready for use. Naniwa Multi Stones have two sharpening sides with different grain sizes. Practical, as you will have everything you need with one sharpening stone! Choosing this collection is therefore also a practical consideration. They are great stones and a little more affordable. The Multi collection is the successor of the Combination collection.

Naniwa Professional stones

Naniwa Professional sharpening stones are the hardest Japanese waterstones. The wear is minimal, you can use them for many years. In addition, the stones hardly take any water. Wetting them for a brief moment is sufficient to get you started. Naniwa Professional is the successor of the well-known Chosera series.

Naniwa Super stones

Naniwa Super stones are the successor of the Naniwa Specialty stones. Just like the Professional series, they are very hard and hardly take any water. Wetting them for a brief moment is sufficient to get you started. The stones of the Specialty series are thinner and wear a little faster than the stones of the Professional series.

Naniwa Diamond stones

Naniwa Diamond stones are, in comparison to other collections, enhanced with a diamond-coated sharpening layer. This makes them harder than the other stones. The Diamond Stones are great for sharpening hard types of steel. They are comprised of an aluminium block, with a one mm layer of diamond grains on top. As binding agent Naniwa uses resin, perfectly aligned to the grainsize of the sharpening stone.

Sharpening with Naniwa Professional or Naniwa Super?

Naniwa Professional stones give you a little more slurry than the Naniwa Super stones. Slurry is a light-coloured paste that emerges while sharpening. With this paste the knife will easier move over the stone. In addition, it will give the stone a slightly finer grain giving you even better results. In short: the more slurry, the better the results.

Naniwa sharpening accessories

Naniwa has convenient sharpening accessories. They help you before, during and after sharpening to get the most out of both your Naniwa-stones and your knives.