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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Sharpening steels: to sharpen your knives on a daily basis

Ceramic sharpening steels or diamond sharpening steels are great when you want to sharpen your knives on a daily basis. Unlike honing steels, a sharpening steel is an actual sharpening instrument. 

The sharpening steel removes very little material, making your knife even sharper. In addition, with a sharpening steel you can sharpen a bread knife. When you frequently use a knife you can definitely also regularly use a sharpening steel. Your knife will remain sharp and you can postpone the ‘actual sharpening’ with a sharpening stone or machine a little while longer.

Purchasing a sharpening steel

If you are looking for the right sharpening steel Knivesandtools has got you covered. We have sharpening steels from, amongst others, Global, Wüsthof, Lansky and Skerper. The diamond sharpening steel or ceramic sharpening steel that will be perfect for your knife set is not that difficult to find. We recommend, for instance, the Skerper ceramic sharpening steel because it has a great price-quality ratio. Whatever steel you use, at least make sure that the sharpening steel you end up buying is longer than the knife you wish to sharpen. Similar to when you are using a honing steel move the knife from top to bottom alongside the sharpening steel and start at the handle of the knife and end up at the tip.