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Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Jende stropping products: the best way for a finishing touch

Jende Stropping Logo

With Jende Stropping products your knives will becomes even sharper. When you strop your knives you already give the edge a little something extra, but Jende makes stropping sprays and emulsions that give even better results, work even faster and strop even sharper.

How? Jende Industries carefully selects its abrasives: the particles that remove material. They are properly sorted based on a uniform size to guarantee the ‘authenticity’ of the grain size. These emulsions polish the edge until it shines like a mirror. So do you want to strop better and faster? If you do Jende it the best option for you!

Why is Jende Industries so good?

The difference with conventional stropping compounds can be found in the hardness and ‘sharpness’ of the emulsions. The Poly Diamond Emulsions sharpen pretty quickly and remain ‘sharp’ on your strop. As such they can also handle very hard types of steel. Think of modern types of super steel such as M390, 20CV, CTS-204P, S110V, S90V, Maxamet and others. On softer types of steel it will also work. Faster even! The other advantage is that with 1 micron-emulsion you will know that there are no sharpening particles that are bigger and will ruin your sharpening results. This isn’t that big a deal during coarse sharpening jobs, but is key during this type of special sharpening work! When you start working with the Jende stropping products you will, after all, not settle for anything less than ridiculously sharp.

Jende Industries: for incredibly fine stropping

Because the Jende emulsions are so fine we recommend you use them with a fine strop. So the smooth side of the leather. Or with the Jende NanoCloth strops. The great thing about these is that the right grain size is printed on the strop. This prevents confusion.

What is Jende Industries?

At Jende Industries there are a lot of people who are obsessed with sharpness. People who have turned their hobby into a fulltime job. True enthusiasts. For this reason they only think about the best possible results at Jende. No less. From enthusiasts, for enthusiasts might sound a little corny, but it is simply the truth when it comes to Jende.