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Chef’sChoice for ease of use and razor-sharp knives

Chef’sChoice electric sharpeners are manufactured by EdgeCraft in the US. The first Chef’sChoice was introduced on the market in 1985. It caused a true revolution as a DIY sharpener.

With a Chef’sChoice sharpener you can sharpen your kitchen knives in a few minutes to straight-out-of-the-factory standards. Most Chef'sChoice models sharpen in a 20 degree angle. That makes them suitable for the European knife brands. Although Asiatic knives are usually sharpened in a 15 degree angle, they can actually be sharpened with a Chef'sChoice. The cutting angle becomes larger, but the result remains razor-sharp.

Chef’sChoice models

When you buy a Chef’sChoice you purchase real quality. The machines sharpen in several steps (2 or 3 steps) with diamond discs. A professional sharpener is also available, the Chef'sChoice 2000. Specially designed for a professional environment where the qualities of this sharpener are used daily. A new module is also available for this machine to extend the lifespan under intensive use. The Chef'sChoice 120 has been popular with home consumers for years. A powerful engine drives the large diamond sharpening discs that sharpen your knife in no time. One of the latest models is the Chef'sChoice 220 Hybrid. The hybrid model is a lot more economic in price than the 120, but the results are definitely not lower. also carries a scissor sharpener by Chef’sChoice: model 500.

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 Chef'sChoice 120 Electric Knife Sharpener, UK Plug

Chef'sChoice 120 3-phase Electric Knife Sharpener

 Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid knife sharpener, UK Plug

Electric knife sharpener featuring two stages for sharpening kitchen knives and pocket knives.

 Chef'Choice - CC2000 Knife Sharpening Machine

Professional grade 2-stage knife sharpening machine. Uses diamond coated discs in Step 1, and ceramic discs in Step 2. With removable sharpening module.

 Chef'sChoice - CC500 ScissorPro

Quality 'anyone-can-do-it' scissor sharpening machine.
Sharpens your scissors in 2 easy steps without overheating.
No need to disassemble your scissors before sharpening.
220 Volt version.

 Chef's Choice 1520 sharpening machine with a sharpening angle of 15º and 20º

Knife sharpening machine with diamond sharpening wheels for Japanese / Asian and European knives.

 Chef's Choice Knife sharpening machine for knives with an Asian edge

Knife sharpening machine with diamond sharpening wheels for Japanese / Asian knives.

 Chef'sChoice Edge Crafter, diamond sharpening steel

Diamond sharpening steel, length: 25 cm.

 Chef'sChoice Sharpening Unit

Chef'sChoice Sharpening Unit for Sharpening Machine CC2000

 Chef's Choice - Messenslijpmachine 1520

Chef's Choice - Messenslijpmachine 1520

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