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LifeSaver: for clean water. Always!

With the LifeSaver water filters you always have clean drinking water within reach. Filter the water directly from the tap or during your next hike when you come across a creek. This brand, after all, will not only come in handy during emergency situations. It is also great when camping or backpacking. As such you never have to worry about clean drinking water again.

The LifeSaver purification technology filters the water for viruses, bacteria and cysts. As soon as the filter needs to be replaced it will automatically be blocked. The water can no longer pass through it making sure you stay safe. Replace the filter and the bottle will be ready for use. It is really easy to use: Fill the bottle, build up the pressure with the pump and you can drink the water.

LifeSaver: the origin

After the Tsunami (2004) in the Indian Ocean and hurricane Katrine in New Orleans (2005) British inventor 'Michael Pritchard' began developing a portable water filter. In 2007 he was successful. The first LifeSaver bottle.

LifeSaver focuses on one thing: providing clean drinking water. As such the company helps people after natural disasters, but also in crisis situations