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Stanley: sustainable and safe

Stanley has been producing indestructible bottles for over a hundred years and caters to those who love spending time on the road. The range is comprised of practical coolers, pan sets and food containers. The company, however, made a name for itself with their rock-solid thermos bottles. Whether you crave a cup of coffee in the morning, a smoothy in the afternoon or a nice cool drink at the campfire, Stanley has got you covered. As such you receive a lifelong warranty when you purchase one of their products. The Stanley products are made from stainless steel. The result is that the bottle does not absorb any strange flavours or smells. After all, you don't want your smoothie to taste like the coffee you had that morning! But that is not all, the bottles are easy to clean and dishwasher proof.

Sustainability and environment

It is clear that Stanley does not appreciate disposables. Their sustainable and reusable bottles will last for generations. As such a lot less waste ends up on landfills or in our environment. But Stanley also pays attention to sustainability during the production process. They work hard on reducing their footprint. For example, by replacing parts instead of completely replacing the entire product. In short: sustainability and the environment come first!