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Paracord: indispensable for outdoor enthusiasts

Paracord is the short name for parachute cord. A rock-solid, light-weight nylon cord that will definitely come in handy while camping, mountain climbing, sailing and around the house. For instance to make a lanyard or wrist strap. Or a robust bracelet perfect for every survival adventure. Great because it means you will always have a piece of paracord close.

Paracord was originally developed for the paratroopers working for the US Army, today it is an indispensable tool for all outdoor enthusiasts. It is popular because it is strong, sustainable and reliable. In addition, it can be divided into several lengths of cord. When cutting it off, however, don't forget to melt the ends to make sure they won't fray and to ensure that the inner and outer thread stay together.

Different types of paracord

Because of its popularity paracord is now available in many different colours and versions. In addition to different colours there are also different types of paracord. We offer a wide range of paracord, including:

Our extensive range contains six standard sizes: 1000 ft, 300 ft, 125 ft, 100 ft, 50 ft and 25 ft.

Knivesandtools paracord: American quality for a low price

We had our own paracord developed: Knivesandtools Paracord. Our range consists of different types of Knivesandtools paracord: paracord 550, paracord 550 Mil Spec and Micro Cord. Did you know that you can purchase incredibly affordable U.S. Made paracord at Knivesandtools? We purchase our paracord directly from a U.S. Government Contractor which means you benefit from great prices. We ship the paracord at low shipping costs and deliver quickly.