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Paracord bracelets! The possibilities are endless

Paracord has a lot of practical functions. It is not practical at all to take an individual bundle of paracord with you in case you might need it. For that reason one of the most common applications is making your own bracelet, also called a survival bracelet. Because a paracord bracelet is completely knotted together you will always have a compact but also very long piece of paracord with you. In addition, you can always expand the paracord bracelet by adding a fire steel. And it also looks very cool!

Closure on a paracord bracelet

Our paracord bracelets are often enhanced with a simple closure of a button through a loop. Do you prefer a tougher closure? If so you can always opt for a Fish Bone closure. Looks awesome, and you will always have paracord and a Fish Bone close. Without tying knots.

Paracordgirl paracord bracelets

The Paracordgirl Survival Gear bracelets and lanyards are made by hand. Paracordgirl uses unique knots you won’t find on any other brand. The loose ends are neatly melted together to prevent unwanted unravelling. The Paracordgirl products are exclusively made from American 550-paracord.