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Tasmanian Tiger: backpacks and pouches for tactical purposes

Tasmanian Tiger

The tactical backpacks and pouches from Tasmanian Tiger are made from the best materials and specifically designed for soldiers and police units. The bags are enhanced with clever compartments, storage cases, MOLLE webs and loops. These additional storage options are practically placed. As such you can quickly grab but also store your gear. The material used for these bags is rock-solid, wear and tear resistant, water repellent and surprisingly light-weight.

Tasmanian Tiger: the use of sustainable material 

The backpacks and pouches are made from Cordura 700 denier (100% polyamide). The brand Cordura is known for its fabrics that last a lifetime and are wear and tear resistant. It is more sustainable than most fabrics, because those are often more robust and heavier. The number 700 represents the thickness of the fibres, expressed in denier. Cordura 700 denier combines the wear and tear resistance of the classic 1000 denier fabric with the lightness of the 500 denier fabric. The material is also water-repellent.

The carrying system of the Tasmanian Tiger backpacks 

The Tasmanian Tiger backpacks are enhanced with a well thought-out carrying system. The bags can, for instance, because of the buckles, be adjusted to your preferences. The larger backpacks can also be adjusted at the hips. This is a great plus, because the weight will be divided over your hips and not your back. You can often also remove the hip straps. Saves you some room and weight if you do not use them. The backpacks are enhanced with padding on the back and in the carrier straps. This significantly increases the comfort.

Tasmanian Tiger: where does the name come from? 

The Tasmanian Tiger was the largest carnivorous marsupial living on the Australian continent. It was about the same size as a small wolf. He owes his name to his striped fur that served as camouflage. The Tasmanian Tiger was a predator. Not very fast, but still really clever. It would hunt his prey as long as needed to wear it down after which he could catch it.