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Paracord! Affordable at Knivesandtools

Paracord is a rock-solid, light-weight nylon cord. We can no longer imagine a world without paracord. This incredibly popular rope will come in handy in many situations. Whether you go camping, sailing or mountain climbing: a piece of paracord will be indispensable. Here you will find our extensive range of paracord.

Paracord: different types of paracord

There are many types of paracord. In addition to the famous paracord 550 type III there are many other types to choose from. How about Mil-Spec? This paracord was made according to American military specifications. A little more tightly bound and a little more flexible in use. If you are looking for thinner paracord for finer purposes you should check out our range of Nano Cord and Micro Cord. If you are looking for thicker paracord Battle Cord is perfect for you. Did you know that there is even paracord with an included waterproof wick? It is called Fire cord.

Paracord 550: light-weight and rock-solid

Paracord 550 is the material you use to make a lanyard or wrist strap. It is a light-weight cord with a nylon casing and a core comprised of seven strands with a diameter of approximately 4 mm. The number 550 in the name represents the tractive force of 550 pounds (approximately 250 kg). If the paracord is too thick and the maximum tractive force not necessary, it is possible to remove this core. The thin strands from the core are said to also be used as suture material in case of an emergency.

Beads, Fish Bones and dispensers: paracord accessories

Anyone who appreciates paracord also appreciates beads, Fish Bones and dispensers. A bead is great to enhance your paracord lanyard. Beads, however, are sometimes also used on paracord bracelets as a nice detail. You can use Fish Bones to quickly and safely use paracord for an infinite amount of tasks. Hang a dispenser from your belt or bag and you will always have paracord close. Pull out the amount of paracord you will need and cut it off with the built-in knife. Simple and quick without using any other tools.