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Paracord 50 ft: to make your own lanyards and bracelets

Paracord is available in different lengths, such as 50 ft, 100 ft and 1000 ft. If you go with 50 ft, you have a small bundle of 15.24 meters. The advantage of a small bundle is that you can easily take it with you. Whether you go camping, sailing or mountain climbing: a piece of paracord will be indispensable. A 50 ft bundle can also come in handy if you want to make a lanyard for your pocket knife or bunch of keys. You approximately need two piece of paracord of 30 to 50 cm. A bundle of 50 ft/15.24 meters will, as such, be more than enough! You will even have enough paracord left to make a paracord bracelet!

Is 50 ft enough?

If you are not sure how much paracord you will need you can use the following rule of thumb: 'for every cm you will need 12 cm of paracord'. Let's say you want to make a 20 cm bracelet. All you have to do is add up 20 x 12 and you will know you need 240 cm. Incredibly practical! As such you know in seconds if a bundle of 50 ft will be enough! It does, however, depend on which knot you will use, that is why should always use a couple of extra cm of paracord. If you do you know you will always have enough.

Knivesandtools paracord 50 ft

In our range you can also find 50 ft bundles from our own brand: Knivesandtools paracord which is exclusively sold in the Knivesandtools web shops. We sell different sizes, amongst which also the 50 ft bundle. Did you know that U.S. Made paracord is incredibly affordable at Knivesandtools? We purchase our paracord directly from a U.S. Government Contractor which means you benefit from great prices. Purchase a bundle of paracord 50 ft today!