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Nitecore T-Series: keychain-size flashlights

The NiteCore T-Series is comprised of various small flashlights, or keychain flashlights. Lights you can easily take with you or keep around as a back-up in your bag. 

Most of these flashlights are rechargeable via Micro-USB. Never worry about changing batteries, simply recharge your light when you need to. Famous lights within the T-series are the Thumb, Tube and TIP. Available in different versions and colours.

NiteCore Tube: ultra-light keychain flashlights

The NiteCore Tube is the basic model amongst the keychain flashlights. With the size of a car key and a body of high-quality polycarbonate. So light you won’t even notice you are carrying it with you. The Tube is available in its standard version with two light settings and a maximum light output of 45 lumen, but also in special versions: for instance as an RL-version with merely red light and as an UV-version with ultra-violet light.

NiteCore Thumb: versatile EDC-flashlights

The NiteCore Thumb is a keychain flashlight perfect to use as a back-up at home, outside and during emergency situations. Because of the 120 degree rotatable head you can quickly shed some light on the situation from any angle. The Thumb comes in two versions: the standard version with white and red light and a maximum output of 85 lumen, and the, designed for the police, LEO version with a red-blue strobe, UV light and white light with a maximum of 45 lumen.

NiteCore TIP: powerful keychain-size flashlights

The NiteCore Tip is a keychain flashlight with an incredible amount of power. The CREE XP-G3 S3-LED of the TIP can produce at least 360 lumen in the turbo position. The TIP-range is comprised of multiple versions. The standard TIP with aluminium body, the TIP SS with a stainless steel body and the TIP CRI. The latter is enhanced with a special Nichia 219B-LED with a maximum of 240 lumen and a CRI of ≥ 90. The TIP’s were slightly updated in 2017. For instance, each light was enhanced with a multifunctional clip, a daily-mode and a constant-on-mode. Finally, you can also put it in standby-mode for over a year.