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Knife sharpening & Maintenance

TSPROF Kadet: small, accurate and ambitious

The TSPROF Kadet Expert sharpening system is compact, light-weight and has a unique foldable base to make sure you can easily store or transport the system. What makes this system so unique is how easy you end up with constant, accurate and razor-sharp results. The perfect 'happy medium' for those who feel the K03 is too large and too expensive and the Blitz too smal

The Kadet is a fusion of the TSPROF K03 and the Blitz. A fusion that combines the advantages of both systems. The versatility and upgradability of the K03 and the mobility and price range of the Blitz. The Kadet uses the clamps of the K03 sharpening system. The new clamps that come with this system are a little shorter, but you can easily exchange them. The sharpening stone holder and guiding rod are identical to those of the Blitz. Long enough to sharpen outdoor knives and kitchen knives up to 30 cm, and short enough to easily store it.

You can take the entire system apart and end up with three parts. As such the system won't take up too much room on your desk, and you can easily take it with you in your backpack if you are planning to sharpen the knives of your friends and family.

Expert or Expert+?

The collection is comprised of two different options. The Kadet Expert and the Kadet Expert+. The 'regular' Kadet Expert is comprised of the sharpening system (the basis and the sharpening stone holder/guiding rod) and two clamps. The Expert+ also comes with five diamond-coated sharpening stones from extra coarse to extra fine and a TSPROF 4 mm Allen key to secure the clamps.