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Bushcraft backpacks: the start of your adventure

Bushcraft backpacks are the start of each adventure. Bushcraft will take you back to your roots, to the life once lived by our ancestors. Taking as little gear as possible with you. That is when a backpack can come in handy. Bushcraft backpacks are practical bags. They are enhanced with multiple compartments to make sure you can organize the contents well.

Bushcraft backpacks made from the best materials

A heavily underestimated part for most bushcraft backpacks is the choice of materials. Will you go with heavy, sustainable fabric that will last for decades? Of do you prefer a lighter fabric, making the whole bag weigh a lot less? Great during hikes, but it does mean that your bag won't last as long. With top-quality brands this has nothing to do with the quality of the bag, but with what it was designed for.

Purchase your bushcraft backpack at Knivesandtools 

We offer a wide range of bushcraft backpacks. A bushcraft backpack is amazing to carry. Thanks to the fit, sustainability of the materials an innovative inventions you will enjoy your bushcraft adventure even more.