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Fiskars X series: axes with unbeatable resilience

Meet the Fiskars X series, an incredibly popular collection of axes. Designed for versatile applicability and made in Finland. Whether you want to chop some kindling or split large pieces of wood, the Fiskars X series has the right axe. The modern axes in this series feature a handle made of FiberComp. FiberComp is a fibreglass-reinforced plastic. It makes these axes extremely versatile, suitable for everyday use in the garden but also perfect for serious trekking and bushcraft adventures. Everyone will find their perfect axe in the Fiskars X series!

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Features of the Fiskars X series

The handle of the Fiskars X series axes

Traditional axes often have a handle made from wood. Fiskars, however, decided that even an old type of tool like an axe can be improved. The fibreglass reinforced plastic FiberComp handle of a Fiskars axe is stronger and lighter than a handle that is made from wood. The handle absorbs vibrations and increases the grip and the comfort as you use the axe. As a result, even the toughest jobs will be a breeze.

Axe head of the Fiskars X series

The sharp axe head made of carbon steel is integral to the handle and will therefore never detach from the handle. The axe head is enhanced with a smooth coating that ensures the axe can easily be removed from the wood. This coating is very sustainable.

Fiskars X series warranty

Fiskars is proud of their high-quality products, which is why the Fiskars X series comes with a 25-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects. This warranty and the excellent value for money of this series makes buying an X-series axe a very smart investment!