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Looking for hedge shears? Go for quality!

Great hedge shears make gardening a lot easier. Pruning with razor-sharp hedge shears will be a piece of cake. For that reason you should always choose hedge shears made from only top-quality materials. A solid construction is also really important. At Knivesandtools you will only find the best hedge shears.

The best hedge shears

Everyone knows that frustrating feeling when you crush the branches you need trim instead of cutting them. You could have your shears sharpened or sharpen them yourself, but that is often only a temporary solution for an insolvable design flaw that allows too much room to come in between the blades. For that reason cheap shears are not always cheaper: you won’t have to sharpen great shears that often. In addition, top-quality shears are amazing to work with. Perfect when you are pruning boxwood hedges.

Manual hedge shears can be faster than electric hedge trimmers

When you own a great pair of shears it might be possible that, after a little practice, you will cut even faster than when you use an electric hedge trimmer. When you use a sharp pair of shears you will be better off when you are pruning conifers hedges. In addition, a manual pair means that you won’t have to deal with extension cords or batteries, and you are a lot faster and a lot more flexible. Also, it will be a lot easier to trim that branch you missed after you have cleaned up.

Japanese hedge shears

In the hedge shears category the Japanese shears are of excellent quality. From the country with the centuries old cutting and forging culture you can only expect the best cutting tools. As a result Japanese hedge shears are razor-sharp and retain their sharpness for a really long time. A joy to work with.