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Lansky: innovative and user-friendly

Lansky Sharpening Logo

For over 35 years the American Lansky is working on innovative and user-friendly sharpening systems. Arthur Lansky Levine, the founder of the company, developed his first sharpening system because, as a medical student, he was dissatisfied with the sharpness of the surgical instruments.

He challenged himself to develop a sharpening system with which anyone could attain razor sharp results. It wasn't long after, that Lansky's first 'Controlled Angle' sharpening system was born.

Great sharpening, even on the road

Still, Lansky is developing innovative systems that make sharpening knives easier for everyone. Not just for home use, but also for en route and during survival trips. From small sharpening stones to practical pull through sharpeners which fit right in your pocket: Lansky has thought about it.. Which results in a practical sharpening solution for nearly any question.