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Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Wicked Edge sharpening systems

With the extensive sharpening systems by Wicked Edge, sharpening your knives becomes very easy. Sharpening is fast and very precise, making all your knives razor sharp.

The Wicked Edge sharpening system can be set perfectly, making sure you always sharpen with the correct angle. This makes is basically impossible to make sharpening mistakes! 

Everything for optimal sharpening

Every sharpening system by Wicked Edge is equipped with all necessities to sharpen your knife optimally. Of course, you can always extend your set, with a nice range of handy accessories. The system is very well though through, which makes Wicked Edge suitable for everyone, whether you are experienced or beginning with sharpening.

Wicked Edge Generation III: big innovations

In 2015 the Wicked Edge Generation 3 has come out. A great improvement over the Pro Pack 2. It has a jaw that works via a simple lever. You don’t need to operate the system with an Allen wrench anymore.

The way the angle can be set is also improved. By shifting the lever the angle of both arms can be adjusted at the same time. You will never sharpen asymmetrically again and you can go back to the previous settings easily.

The Generation 3 also looks tighter. It takes up less space on the table and the grinding wheels can be stowed away in the system itself. It's incredibly well-organized. The Wicked Edge Generation III is a mature sharpening system that is even more user-friendly and creates an incredibly sharp result.