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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Combination stones: truly the best

If you sharpen your knives with sharpening stones you usually need more grain sizes. You could purchase different sharpening stones or one of our practical sharpening sets. But what about a combination sharpening stone? An incredibly practical double-sided sharpening stone with a different grain size on each side.

There are different types of combination stones. From ultrafine/fine to fine/medium, and from medium/coarse to coarse/very coarse. To transform a blunt edge into a razor-sharp one you would normally use two combination stones: one coarse/very coarse stone to restore the blunt edge and one fine/very fine stone for a razor-sharp knife you can also polish by using the same stone.

We understand that it can be difficult to determine which sharpening stone to start with. As said this depends on the state of your knife: the blunter the knife, the coarser the sharpening stone and the lower the grain size. To determine which stone you will need first you can carry out a couple of practical tests!