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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Affordable sharpening stone sets for sharpening enthusiasts

If you are looking to sharpen your knives on whetstones you will almost always need multiple stones. Depending on how blunt the knife is and how sharp you want it to become you often use two to five different grain sizes. Is your knife still relatively sharp and is sharpening until you end up with razor-sharp results not necessary? If it isn’t a combination of a medium-fine and a fine grain sharpening stone will be enough. However, if your knife is so blunt it won’t cut through paper if your life depended on it, and is only the sharpest knife sharp enough for you? If so it could be possible to start with a 120 grain and a handful of stones later you will end with a 10.000 grain of higher.

Sharpening stone sets: handy and advantageous

You could, of course, always purchase all stones individually, but Knivesandtools loves to make your life a little easier and more affordable. For that reason we offer you a couple of sharpening sets comprised of stones with different grain sizes for amazing prices. There are also sets that include a leather strop, for when you want to achieve ultimate sharpness and a shiny blade will make your heart skip a beat. Other sets include a practical sharpening stone holder or a sharpening steel for daily maintenance. In short: there is something for everyone!

We understand that it could be tricky to determine yourself which sharpening stone you need to start with. As said this depends on the state of your knife: the blunter the lower the grain size. To determine which sharpening stone you will need to start with you can carry out a couple of practical tests!