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Looking for the best Japanese saw? You will find it at Knivesandtools!

Japanese saws are perhaps the best there are. In the land of the rising sun the people are crazy about tools. As a result the knives and, more importantly, the saws are made to perfection. Japanese saws work quickly and retain their sharpness well. 

In general they are all pull saws. This means that they only work when you pull the saw. As a result Japanese pulling saws are a little thinner and leave you with a more fine cut.

Japanese Silky saws

When you think of Japanese saws you think of Silky. Simply because Silky makes the best Japanese saws. You won’t find saws that are much sharper, finer and versatile. From compact folding saws for thinner branches to large, course tree saws you can use to get through tree trunks.