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The best pruning saws: make pruning fun!

A good pruning saw is essential if you want to properly take care of your garden. With a good pruning saw you will work faster and the cut will have a nicer finish. As a result the tree or bush will recover quicker keeping your garden in good health. A good, sharp pruning saw will make the difference. 

Whether you want to prune thinner branches that are a little too thick for the branch loppers, or thicker braches to prune a tree: here you will find pruning saws in all shapes and sizes.

Silky pruning saws

In Japan they know how to make proper cutting tools. They are also excellent at making saws, especially the amazing Silky pruning saws. Working with these saws is amazing, they are available in many versions and retain their sharpness well. And all of that for a great price! Want to learn more about how great a Silky saw is? You won’t learn until you try it. When you do you will never ask for anything else. We promise!