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KA-BAR USMC knives: popular since 1942

Few knives come with such a rich history and iconic status as the KA-BAR USMC knives. During the Second World War it was the knife most used by many soldiers in the American army. Officially known as the USMC Mark 2 Combat Knife but soon simply called 'the KA-BAR' by most. You will recognize the black clippoint blade with leather handle from afar!

History of the KA-BAR USMC

When, during the Second World War, the invitation was sent for the production of the KA-BAR, Union Cutlery, the forerunner of the KA-BAR company quickly become involved. In cooperation with other producers such as Camillus, Robeson and PAL they produced this knife for the 'war effort'. After the war many other companies decided to produce this knife. Despite the many different manufacturers this knife is still called the KA-BAR by most. Regardless of the manufacturer. Today KA-BAR itself is the largest producer of this model.

Even during the wars after the Second World War the KA-BAR remained a part of the standard gear of the USMC. Until today! You also come across the KA-BAR in many films and series, and almost every collector owns  one.

Variations on the KA-BAR USMC

The current standard is the KA-BAR 1217. But there are many more options! This model, for instance, is available with or without serrations, with or without USMC markings and there is even a 'short' version.