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Shapton Glass Stones HC: sharper than glass

Shapton Glass Stones HC are Japanese sharpening stones, primarily made to sharpen and polish carbon steel. Although the name might suggest otherwise, you do not sharpen on glass. The tempered glass is mostly used as a basis for a top-quality sharpening stone.

The sharpening stones are fast, give nice feedback and leave you with even results. Qualities which sharpening enthusiasts worldwide really appreciate. Another great advantage: you can immediately start sharpening. Each of these stone is splash & go. Add a dash of water and start sharpening. These Shapton Glass Stones basically only have advantages.

Shapton Glass Stones HC: for high-carbon steel

The Shapton Glass Stones HC are available in three different versions. A grain 4000 (3.86 micron), grain 6000 (2.45 micron) and grain 8000 (1.84 micron). These sharpening stones are meant to sharpen and polish high carbon steel. Knives and tools with white or blue paper steel, for instance. Especially when polishing a carbon-steel edge these HC Glass stones excel.

Why the glass base?

The sharpening stones are mounted on a glass base for various reasons. The main advantage is that the stones will never bend because of it. Not even when there are changes in temperature and humidity. On the other hand you can use these stones until the very end because of this glass base. Even if after years of sharpening only a couple of mm of stone is left.

Shapton Glass Stones HC vs HR

There are two versions of the Glass Stones collection: the HC collection and the HR collection. HC stands for High Carbon, HR stands for High Rockwell. The difference is noticeable on several levels. The HC collection, for instance, is softer while the HR collection is harder. The HC collection is more suited for high carbon steel, the HR collection is perfect for harder types of steel and powder steel. In terms of looks the difference can be found in the colour of the stones. The HC stones are a little more grey, while the HR stones are white. Other than that the stones are fairly identical.