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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Shapton Pro Stones: colourful sharpening stones from Japan

With the Shapton Pro Stones you can sharpen knives, razors, and other tools. The ceramic sharpening stones distinguish themselves because of a rapid grinding action. In addition, because of its 15mm thickness the stones will last a long time.

Cover the Splash & Go with some water and you can immediately start using it. Completely covering the stones with water is no longer necessary. The Shapton Pro Stones are available in different colours and grain sizes.

Shapton Pro Stones: Shapton’s thickest stones

These colourful Shapton Pro sharpening stones are also known in Japan as Ha-No-Kuromaku. These stones are Shapton’s thickest with a thickness of 15 mm. As is common for Shapton the stones are uniform in terms of structure, with evenly divided ceramic grain particles. This also ensures that you will always have even results.

The Shapton Pro Stones’ grain sizes and colours

The Shapton Pro Stones are available in different grain sizes. Each of these sizes equals a different colour. As such you will immediately see which stone you will need. These grain sizes and colours are as follows:

As a result the Shapton Pro collection has a wide range of sharpening stones and grain sizes leaving you with the right stone for each step of the sharpening process. From restoring a blade with the coarse 120 stone, to polishing a blade with the superfine 12.000 grain stone. Please note: today we can offer you seven of the ten stones that are available on the market.

Multifunctional case included with the Shapton Pro Stones

Each Shapton Professional Stone is delivered in a colourful case that matches the colour of the stone itself. The top of each case has edges which offer plenty of room for the stone. As such you will be able to use it as a base while you sharpen your blade. You will not only expand the cutting surface, you will also never have to worry about grinding your knuckles on the surface of your table ever again. The non-skid feet attached to the case will prevent it from sliding. Finally, ventilation holes have been added in order for you to store your sharpening stone without ever having to worry about it. Even if the stone is still a little wet. Details that truly make a difference.