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Shapton RockStar: sharpen like a rockstar

With the Shapton RockStar series, you're on the main stage letting your sharpening talent shine! These high-quality Japanese sharpening stones offer effective sharpening power, allowing you to sharpen even the hardest knives. These stones also ensure uniform and reproducible results. The Shapton RockStar sharpening stones are efficient sharpening stones, so you can enjoy a first-class sharpening experience. Safely store your stones in the stainless-steel housing. Whether that's in your workshop or a cupboard, the sharpening stone will be ready for its next performance!

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Features of the Shapton RockStar series

The Shapton RockStar collection comprises several sharpening stones of different grit sizes. All sharpening stones are made of high-quality white aluminium oxide. This is a synthetic, ceramic material that is incredibly tough, and can accurately be produced in an exact grain size. As a result, the sharpening stones give the desired uniform sharpening results. Soak the stones for 5 to 6 minutes in water before use for optimal results and less wear and tear of the stone.

What's the difference between the Shapton RockStar stones and the Shapton Glass stones?

In terms of material, the RockStar collection is the same as the Glass Stone collection, one of Shapton's most popular series. The difference lies in the thickness of the stones and the range of included stones. The RockStar stones are 10 mm thick, while the Glass Stone ones are 5 mm thick with a 5 mm glass base. The RockStar series consists of 10 different models, while the Glass Stone series has a total of 17 models.

Which Shapton RockStar sharpening stone do I need?

The series consists of ten sharpening stones, each with a different grain size. The coarse 320 and 500 grit sharpening stones give your damaged or dull knives a straight edge again. The 1000 grit medium sharpening stone is used after one of the coarse sharpening stones to make the edge sharp again. The 2000-grit stone and the 3000-grit stone are very fine and will make your knives as sharp as they were when they left the factory. The 4000-grit side is extra fine and ideal for sharpening your Japanese kitchen knives to a razor-sharp edge. The grit sizes 6000, 8000, 10000 and 16000 are polishing stones. While not essential for everyday use, they can make your knife incredibly sharp!