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Work Sharp Ken Onion: extensive and innovative sharpening products

The Work Sharp Ken Onion series was created in collaboration with the famous American knife maker Ken Onion. Ken Onion is known for his constant strive for innovation. You might think that everything you can do with a knife has already been thought of. Ken, however, is always able to come up with new ideas. He continues to find new ways to surprise us. This series embodies innovation in the field of knife-sharpening technology. This is evident in every aspect of this series. From state-of-the-art electric belt grinders to versatile manual knife sharpeners; the Ken Onion range offers an unparalleled experience for beginners and experts alike.

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Features of Work Sharp Ken Onion

The Work Sharp Ken Onion collection is proof of their constant search for innovation in knife design and sharpening technology. Discover unique functions, materials and features that sets this collection apart and experience the revolution in precision sharpening that Ken Onion and Work Sharp have created together!

Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener

This series' flagship model is the Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener electric sharpening system. This innovative electric belt sharpener may be modest in size, but its functionalities are extensive. Use it to sharpen your knives, axes and even lawnmower blades. With an infinitely adjustable sharpening angle (10-35 degrees), Blade Grinding Attachment for additional functionality and a variety of abrasive belts, this machine offers unparalleled precision and versatility.

Work Sharp Ken Onion Angle Set

For those who prefer to sharpen their knives manually, there's the Work Sharp Ken Onion Angle Set sharpener. This manual knife sharpener is extensive, versatile and adjustable, so sharpening your knives and tools becomes a piece of cake. Whether it's a 15-degree angle on a peeling knife or a 25-degree angle on a large outdoor knife; this knife sharpener can do it all.