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Barlow pocket knives: diamonds in the rough

Barlow knives belong to the oldest 'designs' in the Traditionals world. The long bolsters and round shape of the handle are what characterize this remarkable knife. Many Barlows are enhanced with a clippoint blade, but there are also Barlows with a droppoint or sheepsfoot blade. Or Barlows with two blades. The Barlow design is one of the most popular designs on the market. It has been for dozens of years.

Modern Barlow knives

As is common for popular classics, modern versions are also produced. Different producers and designers put a lot of effort into producing modern incarnations of the Barlow. Sometimes even with high-tech materials. Sometimes by changing the mechanics and shapes. That is when you know that the design has become a real classic.

History of the Barlow knives

In all probability the Barlow model comes from Sheffield, England by the John Russel Mfg. Co. Soon, however, it became a popular model in the United States. At the time the Barlow was one of the most affordable designs to produce, and therefore also to purchase. There are even ads that describe the Barlow as 'so cheap, even a child can buy them'. Today the seemingly simple Barlow design is made by the producers who consider the Barlow to be one of the oldest and most characteristic Traditionals in the pocket knife world. Because of the perfect finish, excellent materials and subtle improvements the Barlow is one of the most popular models today.